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On October 16, 2014, a total of 28 students from the Operations Management (POM) programme from the School of Technology Management and Logistics (STML) UUM has organized a study visit to the factory Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional Sdn. Bhd. in Shah Alam. The visit is to meet the course requirements for BJMP 3053 Operational Strategy for Bachelor of Operations Management (BPOM) offered by STML.

Tours led by senior lecturer, Dr Adam Mohd Saifuddin, departs from UUM at 11.00 pm and arrived at 8.30 am at the Shah Alam plant. The delegations was welcomed by Ms. Hilwani and Ms. Nazila of the marketing department and Mr. Shukri of the communications department. The delegations were brought into the auditorium for a briefing about the plant and also safety whilst at the factory.
The delegations was allowed to see the "body assembly". Participants of the group was also taken to see the car SAGA FLX installation process from the beginning to end. Whilst at the factory, students are exposed to the actual situation of a car assembly. For general information, PROTON is capable of producing 300 cars a day. The process of "stamping" and "painting" in the assembly line was not allowed to visitors for safety reasons.

After visiting the factory, the group was taken to the dining room for refreshments and a question and answer session. Factory staff friendliness and cooperation was easily observed when they were willing to share knowledge and answer questions by students. The delegation were also given gifts by PROTON for their willingness and efforts to visit the factory.
Student representatives Fatimah Bt Che Mahmod and Revatyrata a / p Ibn Selvam, described the visit a worthwhile experience for having this rare opportunity to see and experience the firsthand production of a car. For Lina Teh Jun Yong, it gave her an opportunity to understand the process of installation for all the components in the production of a car. For Siti Nur Fatin Bt Ghazali and Chin Wai Hoong, the visit will broaden their minds and knowledge in the automotive industry and get them prepared once they enter the working profession.

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