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On 18 March 2016, 33 students of BJMP 3072 Purchasing and Supply Chain Management class from School of Management Technology and Logistics (STML), Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), led by their lecturer, Dr Adam bin Mohd Saifudin, visited Integrated Cold Chain Logistics (ICCL) Sdn.Bhd, at Bukit Minyak, Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

The aim of the site visit is to expose the students about the supply purchase networking and supply chain in practice to at least assisting them to accomplish the final project assignment this semester. The students departed from UUM at 10.00 am and reached ICCL at 2.00 pm.

As Halal Logistics company which use the theme, “From Farm to Fork Concept”, ICCL Sdn Bhd is a new diversified company and started its operations in October 18th, 2006. Initially ICCL is providing temperature-controlled storage and logistics services to processors, distributors, food service providers and retailers across all over Malaysia. Mostly, the company accepted the perishable products such fruits, vegetables, fish, seafood, fairy products and beverages, and even to pharmaceutical and aerospace products.

Upon reaching the company, we were received by ICCL staff, led by staff executive, Ms Joyce Phang. We were later briefed about the company safety procedure by Container Manager, Mr KH Ang. This briefing was important for the company due to the large size of its warehouse and involved many trucks and containers that come in and out regularly into the company premise.
The students were later briefed about the warehouse by Ms Emely Koong and followed by the briefing about compliance procedure from the Compliance Manager, Mr Heerman Heermanuddin. He briefed on the details of haulage services and overall operations of the company.

The students were given the opportunity to visit the inside of cold storage warehouse which had the temperatures between – 5 degrees Celsius to – 25 degrees Celsius. They were given special jacket to protect the cold when inside the cold storage area. This is unforgettable experience as they were like visiting the country of Iceland, a gimmick by ICCL staff who guided them.
The students too were given the opportunity to take a look and sitting on the driver seat of those cold container trucks and also the demonstration of loading and unloading the container commodity block on the trailer.

Managing Director and owner of the company, Mr Kevin Lim Teck Seng, was also there together with the students during the photo sessions. An Operations Management student, Aruniss Raju, said the program had successfully educated the university students on how to hands-on-it the actual operations of the company. He also learned how important the services rendered to the customers and experience how the logistics industry was operated.

Student’s Project Director, Nurul Izyan Nadhirah, acknowledged that all students had gone through the actual experience in this site visit and opened their mind sets about the supply chain process to finish their final project assignments. Operations Management student, Noor Azimah,mentioned that this visit helped her to understand clearly about the supply chain and easily enhancing her to finish the assignment given by the lecturer. She added that this visit was great success to her batch in understanding the actual logistics and supply chain operations worked.

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